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Dairy Science


 Dairy science and technology relate to the study of how physical, enzymatic, and microbial transformation and protection may be applied to milk to prolong its shelf life in the form of products such as pasteurised milk, cheese and fermented foods, butter, milk powders, protein products, nutritional formulations, amongst others, for the nutrition, sustenance and sensory experience of consumers ranging from infants to the very elderly.

It is also is focused on innovation and optimisation of processes for the conversion of milk into dairy products from the perspective of consumer health, sustainability, environmental footprint, and food security for a growing global population, all while maintaining the nutrient richness of milk.



  1. 10+2 from any recognise board.

How to Apply

  1. Student can register for course on the website Admission tab.
  2. Student can register for course direct from college.


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